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 Maran A R C H I V E S
Maran *ing Satyaraj, Seetha, Raghu Vannan, Santoshi Robert, Delhi Ganesh, Hanifa...
Director: Jawahar
Producer: Power Media Productions
Music: Deva
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'Maran' is not a routine movie it is different. Debutant director Jawahar has done a good work. Manivannan and Satyaraj were quite an anticipated pair whose combination managed to deliver thought-provoking comedy with political overtones in their dialogues. Seetha makes her re-entry into films opposite Satyaraj after nearly more than a decade.
The subject of the film is about the pain and agony a father goes through when his only son becomes a victim of ragging in his college. The dream of a father to provide quality education for his son and to see him succeed with a high profile job is shattered.

Maran is a clerk in the district collector's office. He has a loving wife, a son and daughter. Maran is Soft spoken, and a Gandhian. His son Swatantiram a topper at the state level gets admission to a medical college, where he is in for a rough time.
In the college Shivdas and his friends rag Swatantiram mercilessly. Matters come to a head when Swatantiram returns Shivdas's humiliations with a tight slap, and defeats him in the college elections.


Outraged Shivdas murders Swatantiram. He then packs Swatantiram's body in a suitcase and gets rid of it. Later Shivdas is held for the murder. Shivdas's influential father manages to free Shivdas.
Deeply hurt by his son's murder, Maran decides to avenge the culprits on his own. Who once was a Gandhian takes on to violence in the end to hunt the culprits behind his son's murder.
The script is excellent. Satyaraj's performance is flawless. Seetha, Raghu Vannan - son of actor Manivannan also do justice to their roles. Comedy is good. To sum up it is a good movie and worth watching.