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Thithikudhe *ing Jeeva, Sridevi, Sruthika, Vivek, Prasanna Kumar... ....
Producer:Super Good Films
Director:Brinda Sarathy
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'Thithikudhae' is a story of two childhood friends who fall in love and are desperate to meet each other. Though there is nothing new in the subject screenplay by Brinda Sarathy makes movie worth watching. The movie is a decent, youthful flick from Super Good Films.

Coming to story, Childhood friends Anu (Sridevi) and Venu (Jeeva) are forced to live far away from one another when Anu's father is transferred to the city. Even a decade of estrangement does not make them forget each other. Their innocent friendship blossoms into love and are desperate to meet each other. The climax is very much predictable.

Jeeva plays the lead role with a lot of maturity. He fits the lead character excellently. Sridevi gave a brilliant performance. Sruthika as a glamour girl has a greater role compared to other movie. Vivek and Prasanna Kumar's comedy is rib tickling. Vidyasagar's tunes are sweet and melodious.