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 Movie: ThambiTamil Reviews
Cast: Madhavan, Pooja, Biju Menon, Vadivelu, Shanmuga Rajeswaran
Producer:Dr.Murali Manohar

Date Of Release: 22nd Feb, 2006

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Director Seeman has come out with a subject of revolutionary thoughts. The movie shows his affection towards the poet who is known for the betterment of the society. 'Thambi' is packed with some commercial facts and entertainment.

Thambi (Madhavan) is a young businessman who stands up against all the evils that he witness in the society. He takes on Shankara Pandian (Biju Menon), a local goon who spreads violence in the city. Thambi decides to put an end to Shankara Pandian's evil activities. He meets Archana (Pooja) who initially mistakes him to be a gangster. After knowing his character, she falls in love with him. Thambi, with the help of a few friends thwarts the attempts of Shankara Pandian. A flashback reveales that Thambi's family was led by Shankara Pandian's gang. The murderer happens to be the brother of Shankara Pandian called Shanmuga Pandian (Shanmuga Rajeswaran). Later Shanmuga returns from the prison and tries to attack Thambi. And how Thambi manages to overcome his rage forms the rest of the story.

Madhavan's performance is impressive. His dialogue delivery is fine. Biju Menon suits well as baddie. Shanmuga Rajeshwaran, as the brother of Biju Menon, did his part well. Pooja looks beautiful. She played her role well. Music given by Vidyasagar is good. Dialogues are impressive. Director has tried to show the unity among the youth. His idea is fine. The other technical aspects of the movie are ok.

Verdict: Average