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Soori *ing Vignesh, Parthibhan, Vijaylakshmi, Uma .....
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'Soori' is written and directed by Shelvan, throughout the film you notice Shelvan's urge to try out things that are a far cry from the usual. Barring few odds in the narration director Shelvan, a one time associate of Shankar has given a neat film with a well thought out script and carefully handled scenes.


Soorya (Vignesh), a marketing executive from a close knit middle class family falls for Rishabha(Uma) the moment he sees her for her simple looks and social consciousness. Rishabha also reciprocates. He even agrees to her terms and conditions that they decide to stay away from each other for a year and meet again. She believes that if theirs were indeed a true love it would stand the test of times. A year later Soorya returns only to hear the shocking news that Rishabha is already married and settled in Tiruchi. Unable to bear Rishabha’s betrayal a furious Soorya vows to take revenge on her. He sets off to Tiruchi and finds out that she is married to Main Gaurd Gate Manikandan (Parthibhan), a local Dada. The rest is Soori’s efforts to kill Rishabha and how Manikandan prevents it. What transpires eventually is an interesting twist.

Music by deva is commendable. A couple of numbers are truly melodious.

Actor Vignesh has made a come back through this film. He has given a good performance. Parthibhan did a commendable job. Uma is refreshingly beautiful and played her role with understanding.