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Ramakrishna *ing Jai Akash, Sridevika, Vani....
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'Ramakrishna' Songs
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'Ramakrishna' Preview
Producer: Ahathiyan
Director: Ahathiyan
Music: Deva
Year of release: 2005

'Ramakrishna' finally has managed to come out after much delay. The story and treatment lack pep and things seem to amble on. Ahathiyan has written the story, screenplay and dialogue and has also directed the film. However, it is not easy to associate the pedestrian treatment of 'Ramakrishna' with Ahathiyan, who had earlier given hits such as 'Kadhal Kottai' and 'Gokulathil Seethai'.


Ramakrishna (Jai Akash) dotes on his mother Maragatham (Charanya) and when she dies he gives up his opulent lifestyle and goes to his village to learn about his roots. None knows about his wealth and social standing till the climax. Ramasamy (Vijayakumar), who is his father, has another family and is a much-respected man in the village. He is filled with anguish when he realises that the young man toiling in his house is actually his son. Eventually when he gathers courage to announce the truth he dies.
Background score is average.

Jai Akash shines in performance and action. The comedy track with Muthukaalai and Charlie is interesting the first time round, but when you constantly witness the main comedian being bullied or beaten up it gets tiring. Sridevika is sprightly and the witty dialogue enhances the portrayal. Vani as the other loquacious village belle impresses little.