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Madurey *ing Vijay, Sonia, Rakshita, Pasupathy, Vadivel.......
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'Madurey' is etched from various Telugu and old Rajnikanth movies and director Madhesh and his screenplay writers have whittled the story to suit Vijay’s image. After that racy entertainer, Ghilli, everyone anticipated Vijay’s next release to be a cracker of a movie, but it turns out to be another assembly-line product, particularly post-interval.


Madurey (Vijay) is vegetable vendor in a market who takes on the local moneylender (Raj Kapoor) for charging too much interest and is the savoir of his family consisting of foster mother (Seeta) and two sisters.
He is do-gooder and has an assistant Pandu (Vadivel) who is his friend. A girl Anita (Rakshita) who is doing a research, is madly in love with Madurey and suddenly an inspector on seeing him salutes him! His mother finds out that Madurey was responsible for the death of her daughter and in a fit of rage she shoots him.
Post interval, the story is told in a flashback by Vadivel that our hero is actually Maduravel IAS, the former collector of Madurai. His personal assistant was Susheela (Sonia Agarwal) who was Seeta’s eldest daughter. Along with Maduravel, Susheela takes on KTR (Pasupathy) the local don referred to as Deivam as he even conducts his own kangaroo courts. In a skirmish with KTR, Susheela dies and the blame falls on Madurae who goes underground to prove his innocence. How Maduravel goes back and demolishes KTR and his goon’s forms the rest of the story.
Vidyasagar’s music is fast paced.

Vijay makes the film happening with his macho heroism, savvy one-liners and knockout performance. Rakshita and Tejasree are there for glamour while Sonia Agarwal is wasted in a minor role.