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 Kadhal Virus A R C H I V E S
Kadhal Virus *ing Richard, Sridevi, Abbas, Raghuvaran, Manorama, Vivek, Jayamurali, Ratan....
Director: Kathir
Music: A R Rehman
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'Kadhal Virus' has handsome lead pair, great locations, Exotic scenic beauty and last but not the least good screenplay and direction. This is Richard's and Sridevi's debut movie.

Richard, brother of Shalini plays the role of a famous director in the movie. The film reels back into a flashback from a press interview of Richard on the success of his film. Mesmerized by the power of love Richard is an aspiring director who sees Sridevi on the pieces of a shattered mirror and falls in love with her at the first sight. He loses her in the crowd but happens to meet her again in Kodaikanal in a friends place. To his relief he also discovers that Sridevi is his friend's sister. When he finally musters the courage to propose to Sridevi she gets engaged to Raghuvaran. On the day of the marriage Richard saves Sridevi from a fire accident. Realizing the intensity and depth Richard's love for Sridevi Raghuvaran backs out saying they both deserve each other. Sridevi falls in love with Richard. Meanwhile Richard leaves town to become a director. They lose contact with each other with circumstances as hurdles.

Kadhal Virus
On the first day shoot of his film Sridevi comes in with her marriage invitation. When Richard's car breaks down once he goes to Abbas' place who is striving to become an actor. There he sees Sridevi married to Abbas and both of them going through difficult times. He advises Abbas who is actually wealthy, to go back to his father's business and wealth for Sridevi's sake. He also discourages the director who was about to book Abbas for his film. A dejected Abbas tries to commit suicide by drinking poison. An enraged Sridevi mistakes Richard's intentions and blames him for taking revenge on Abbas as she did not marry Richard. A hurt Richard goes out of his way to produce a film by himself and casts Abbas as the hero of the film. Abbas becomes a famous and rich actor but Sridevi continues to misunderstand Richard's intention. The film ends with an unexpected climax depicting the power of love and sacrifice being proved once again. Richard looks good and als performs well. Sridevi acts with ease and looks beautiful. Songs are good. Music by A R Rehman is catchy.