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Jana *ing Ajit , Sneha , Radha Ravi , Sidiq , Raghuvaran , Baburaj , Riaz Khan ........
Producer: Banner - Roja combines
Director:Shaji Kailas
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'Jana' has a few glimpses of 'Nayakan' and many of 'Baasha'. The movie has Stereotyped characters and with no story worth mentioning the film turns into a bore in the second half. When the lengthy flashback of the hero's past in Mumbai unfolds, there's a lurking fear as to how long the director would take to tie up the loose ends before climax. Screenplay writer and director Shaji Kailash wins appreciation for wrapping up the show with speed, especially towards the end.


Jana (Ajith) lives with his father Raghuvaran (in a wheel chair) in a big mansion in a village in Tamilnadu. Jana’s aide is Delhi Ganesh. A feudal landlord Radha Ravi and his brother Baburaj are loggerheads with Jana who is a darling of the masses. Sneha the daughter of Ravi comes from Mumbai on holidays. She falls for Jana who has no time for her but that does not stop her from dreaming of romancing with him. Sneha goes back to Mumbai and here she learns about Jana’s past. He is Jana the crusader for the South Indians living in Mumbai. He crosses swords with Sidiq who is an arms supplier to terrorists. Sidiq's brother is Riaz Khan who is bumped off by in a duel. In retataliation Jana’s mother (Sirividya) and brother (Manoj K Jayan) are bumped off. His father Raghuvaran is maimed by the bullets of Sidiq. Sidiq behind bars comes out due to political influence. He heads for the village where Jana stays. A shootout takes place in which Sidiq and his men are wiped out.


Dhina's music is average.

Ajit shows maturity in his handling of the role. Sneha looks radiant and her expressions are enjoyable. Ajith and Sneha sizzle in the songs. Manoj K. Jeyan as Jana's brother has given a commendable performance. Serious cameos are a cakewalk for Srividya. `Delhi' Ganesh shaking his head often is irritating. As Manimekalai's grandma, who secretly encourages her granddaughter's love for Jana, she is her usual ebullient self.