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 An Exclusive Interview With DhanushDhanush

With Sullan doing well at the box-office Dhanush seems to be relieved of his recent problems and tensions.


You have been projected as larger than life image in Sullan!
Basically I am a directorís artiste. I strictly follow whatever the director says. So when my director Ramanaa wanted to project me as an action hero, I have to necessarily obey what has been given to me. Sullan was meant for B&C centers and those overdose of actions were required for the film.

Have you come out of your problems?
Yes sort of. Now my concentration is fully on my dadís film Dreams which will soon be released.

Why do you look so thin?
Everyone ask me this question. I think I look ok for my age. But to be frank my parents were very poor and living in one room apartment with my two sisters and Selva before I was born. My mom didnít have enough food and managed one time meal when she was carrying me. I was an undernourished child. Today by Godís grace things are alright but I think my constitution is such that I donít put on weight. My parents really amaze me when I think of their sacrifice and despite so many odds they have given good education for their children. Both my sisters are doctors and my bro Selva is an engineer and I am an actor.

Do you get time to spend time with your family members?
Ours is a close knit family. Very rarely I get time to spend with my family. If I am in town I see that I spend at least one day in a month at home. I am quiet close to my sisters. You should see me on that day at home. We let our hair down its fun and masti all through the day.

  How do you feel when you are called ďIndian Bruce LeeĒ?
Please Ö PleaseÖ (He pleads) donít ever compare me with Bruce Lee. Itís an insult to a great man like Bruce Lee. I have even requested all my fans not to call me ĎIndian Bruce Leeí.

  Who is your competitor?
First of all I donít believe in number games. I am here to do my job as an actor. So the question of competitor doesnít arise.

  What about the rumours making rounds about your proposed marriage with super starís daughter?
Itís news for me. As you said its all rumours. I donít give any importance to rumours.

   We heard you prefer a love marriage Ö
Ya! Is there anything wrong in going for love marriage? Mine will definitely be a love marriage only. My parents also know about it and they have no objection. But who, where and when I canít say now.

  What are your future films?
Dreams is in the final stage. Then Roja Combines Devadhaiyai Kandean with Sridevi. Balu Mahendra sir has just got back after his sickness. I will have to finish his Adhu Oru Kana Kaalam with Priya Mani. Then I have committed for my brother Selvaraghavanís film Oru Naal Oru Kanavu with Sonia Agarwal.